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Reiki & Breathwork

Reiki Healing

Reiki is the receiving life force energy via a hands-on approach in an office setting or can be through a distance session while you are in the comfort of your own homea. Clients have described sessions to feel like a glowing radiance that flows through them. Some have even stated they can feel it around them. Reiki aids the whole person: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It can create many beneficial effects such as relaxation and feeling of peace. Reiki is a simple and natural safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that anyone can use - Even your pets! Please note these sessions may also include breathwork as needed.

Distance session (20-30min.)  | $45

In-person session (60 min.)       | $90

Special: First session only $79


What is Breathwork or Mindful Breathing?

14 years ago I was going through a lot of life changes – parents’ divorce, first serious relationship dissolved, starting my 2nd year of college, and learning to ‘deal’ with being diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases. While in massage school our instructors had us perform multiple breathing exercises to help us become familiar with how to move energy through the bodies we were going to be working on. I soon realized that I can apply those techniques and some others to what was going on in my life and start to put the pieces back together. What I found was how important it is to breathe and the power it has had to help me overcome fear, pain and anxiety. Our bodies are so intelligent that they relentlessly help us breathe, heal and recover every day of our lives. When external factors such as fear and trauma disrupt our natural flow of the life-force energy, we begin to develop blocks in our energy bodies as well as our physical bodies. Through breath work we can discover, uncover, and heal any blocks we have developed along our path. “Mater of breath is a master of life.”- Hindu Aphorism.

Group Sessions

Reiki-Infused Mindful Breathing | $35

1.5 hr session takes place in a group setting where we will practice conscious breathing techniques and observe our unconscious breath. During the deep dive portion, those who wish to receive Reiki will have a chance to do so.


In-Person | $60

We will practice mindful breathing, tapping into conscious and unconscious breathing. The goal is to help you relieve stress/anxiety and uplift depression.

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