Seasonal Eating~ Summer shopping list.

My partner and I have made it a Sunday morning ritual to shop our local farmers market along the marina, under the early morning sun, we have our tea and coffee ready to take in the scents and tastes of organically grown strawberries, mint, leeks, corn and so much more. Shopping like this makes me so happy, is it organic, and we love connecting with our favorite farmers, especially the happy avocado man who has takes so much pride in his product, he loves giving us a ripe avocado to eat on the spot! This has become a treasured event for us and the best thing is we know that we are getting foods grown with love, pride and care.

The following is a summer food list to help keep Pitta dosha from accumulating and aggravating. Foods that are Sweet, bitter and astringent are best at keeping Pitta from overheating. The goal is to align with nature, favor foods that are naturally in that season.

This summer make seasonal eating fun and make it a point to shop for your favorite summer foods at your local farmers market. Feel and taste the difference!

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