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Experience an Ayurvedic Restorative Retreat In the Heart of Downtown Long Beach

EMAIL: kevalawellness@gmail.com  CONNECT: (562) 317-0060 VISIT: 115 Pine Ave. Suite 330 Long Beach CA. 90802

Wellness Packages

Ayur Bliss


60-min Abhyanga +

30min Pada Abhyanga

Experience 90-min for pure bliss with a healing 60-minute Abhyanga combined with a blissful 30-min Pada Abhyanga (foot therapy).   These combined therapies will help to nourish and revitalize your body and balance and calm your mind & spirit!  

Available for a limited time

Sinus Relief


Lymphatic Drainage +

4-Candle Ear Candling –

Relieve allergy and sinus sensitivities with this alliance of treatments. Ear candling & Lymphatic drainage alike help to clear the sinus and nasal passages along with reducing inflammation and easing sinus pressure, headaches and ear aches. 

Available for a limited time

Wellness Enthusiast

Bodywork Package of 3



Buy a package of 9

get your 10 service FREE!

Packages are payable via cash or Venmo to avoid a 4% service charge