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Lara Arguijo

Theta & Sound Healer

“In this human race, we only win when the last one crosses.” –Lara Arguijo

Lara is a Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner/Instructor and Sound Healer.  Self-healing was always a passion for Lara. Throughout her own healing journey she experienced such deep immediate changes after learning/using ThetaHealing® techniques. As she saw her personal changes drastically affecting her family, friends, and career in positive ways, she realized she wanted to share this with her community. In 2018, Lara became certified as a ThetaHealing® Instructor. She can now certify other awakened masters in becoming ThetaHealers® themselves.

Becoming a Sound Healer was a bonus! Lara grew up in a family where music was everything. Lara was a dancer for most of her life and later became a singer. Sound Healing is a natural fit for her as she loves music and knows the power it has to heal and calm the nervous system. Lara believes strongly when we heal ourselves we can heal those around us, including the world. She is blessed to offer you her services and walk with you on this healing path.

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