Herbal Tisanes

Commonly referred to as an "herbal tea" which is actually an infusion or decoction made from a plant other than tea (black, green, oolong, etc.) Tisanes are caffeine-free and can be served hot or cold. 

Tisanes have long been classified as medicinal, and are high in antioxidants and nutrients, therefor have long histories of medicinal use.  Our herbal tisanes are hand crafted in small batches with intention and support your health and wellness needs. 


Tulsi is considered a pillar of Ayurvedic medicine, this "elixir of  life" has a cooling and mellow flavor. Boosts immunity, improves mental clarity, promotes emotional wellness and more!

Not for use in pregnancy or nursing

Rama Tulsi

Ingredients: organic Rama Tulsi 


This blend of loving, heart healing herbs is compassion in a cup. 

Our Sacred Heart blend honors all matters of the heart and is favorite of our clients! 

Sacred Heart

Ingredients: organic Tulsi,  organic Rose Petals, organic Rosehips, organic Damiana, organic Cinnamon, organic Hibiscus, organic Honeysuckle,  organic Licorice root, organic Fennel.


A calming blend of  soothing herbs, great as an evening tea, reduce stress, ease your mind or during your moon cycles.


Ingredients: organic Rama Tulsi, organic Lavender, organic Chamomile, organic Lemongrass


A blend of gut healing herbs and spices to support you agni (digestive strength) assisting the body in cleansing and releasing toxins. Leaving you feeling lighter, and healthier! 

Bhakti Cleanse

Ingredients: organic Cinnamon,  organic Ginger Root, organic Coriander Seed, organic Fennel Seed,  organic Cumin Seed, organic Cardamom, organic Anise Star, organic Turmeric Root, organic Black Pepper, organic Licorice Root.


Support your vitality with this immune boosting herbal blend.


Ingredients:  organic Echinacea,  organicTulsi,  organic peppermint, organic ashwagandha, organic turmeric, organic ginger,  organic licorice root. 


A healing blend to soothe your throat, ease coughs

Throat Therapy

Ingredients: organic Echinacea/tulsi organic Ginger, organic Peppermint, organic Licorice, organic orange Peel, organic Fennel, organic Cinnamon, organic Clove, organic Marshmallow root.


An integral part of  daily ritual in Ayurveda, morning tea of lemon and ginger to awaken the bodies  metabolism and helps your body end it's overnight fast. 

Morning Vibes

Ingredients: organic Lemon Balm/verbena,  organic ginger, organic lemongrass, organic organic peppermint,  organic licorice root 


A special blend for the expecting and breastfeeding mother!  Supportive herbs for a healthy pregnancy, morning sickness, tones the uterus and promotes restful sleep. 

Mother's Ritual

Ingredients: organic Rooibos,  organic Raspberry Leaf, organic Nettle, organic Ginger Root, organic Peppermint


This soothing blend will ease you though your moon cycle! 

Chandra Comfort

Ingredients: organic Vitex, organic Chamomile, organic Raspberry Leaf, organic Red Clover, organic Ginger, organic Dandelion leaf

Ayurvedic Blends

Ayurveda is about conscious living, and takes a holistic approach to individual health, with the understanding that all aspects of life can either create health or dis-ease.  These herbal blends directly work to pacify your specific dosha or energy type, using the wisdom of the elements to balance mind, body spirit and senses. Take the time to understand your true nature and create daily tea ritual, that can contribute to our health and wellness needs.  


Coming soon!




A cooling, calming blend to balance and pacify your internal fire or Pitta dosha. 


Ingredients: organic Tulsi, organic  Peppermint, organic Rose, organic Coriander, organic Hibiscus, organic nettle leaf/ linden leaf. 


Coming Soon




Beneficial to all three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Enjoy  CCF tea at daily or at mealtime to support healthy digestion by stimulating agni (digestive fire), decreases gas, clears ama (toxic waste) and improves elimination. 


Ingredients:  organic Cumin, organic Coriander, organic Fennel

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