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Elizabeth Wright

Naam Yoga Instructor

Harmonyum Healing Practitioner

Elizabeth Wright is a certified Naam Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance RYT-200) and Harmonyum Healing Practitioner.   


For many years, my personal explorations focused on the physical world of living foods, enzymes, and fitness.  While physical modalities are very important, over time, my studies expanded into the emotional and spiritual realms where the seeds of health (or dis-ease) are planted.   Naam Yoga has been life-changing for me and I am honored to share these unique practices that create balance and harmony from the inside out. 


Shakti Naam Yoga classes and Harmonyum Healing sessions activate self-healing and develop our capacity for self-knowledge.  Self-knowledge allows us to pay attention to how we think, feel, speak and act so that we may act consciously and make better decisions (instead of reacting automatically from unconscious habits and patterns). 


In addition to the holistic certifications mentioned above, Elizabeth holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and an MBA.

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