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Panchakarma is a Sanskrit for word for "5 actions" or "5 treatments," and describes a process used to cleanse the body of toxic material left by disease & poor nutrition. When in balance, the body has an innate ability to cleanse itself, however, due to repeated dietary indiscretions, poor exercise patterns, lifestyle, genetic predisposition, this natural process can be interrupted.


Benefits of PK

Panchakarma sessions are wonderfully healing and relaxing, offering benefits that can be both subtle and profound. PK loosens and removes aggravated doshas from the body so that your body can maintain balance, healing and balancing te mind, body and spirit. PK improves digestion and strengthens weak tissues, which helps your body

maintain homeostasis. PK also sharpens your sense organs and slows the aging process. After PK you may experience your skin and eyes start to glow, you may feel lighter, more clear, and experience  a more balanced emotional state, more energy, an increase in digestive power, weight loss, better sleep and an overall sense of well-being.

How Does PK Work?

Your Panchakarma deep-cleansing treatments will take place for 3, 5 or 7 days for 3-4 hours daily, which will be scheduled consecutively (recommended) or within different days during the week. We will meet initially for a consultation to discuss your current state of health and desired results, so that I may create your personalized detox & rejuvenation experience. Your PK may be of a combination of Ayurvedic consults, therapies, bodywork, yoga, breath work, herbal saunas, special foods, nutritional directives, mild fasting and colon therapy, as well as at-home care, diet and lifestyle recommendations. This includes a complete wellness plan for post-PK care that will help you continue your self care and Ayurvedic lifestyle!

3-day Panchakarma $1,339

5-day Panchakarma $2,115

7-day Panchakarma  $2,797


A deposit of 50% of your PK services is required to reserve your PK experience

~Thank you in advance for honoring my cancellation policy~

A 24-hour notice for any change in your appointment is required to avoid a

50% charge of the services reserved for you

100% charge for no show no call

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