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& Community

Purification is a Traditional Ayurvedic Cleanse with a 100% personalized approach. Including 2 consultations with AWP Sanja Oropeza, herbal supplements, a cleanse manual, 6 in person class meetings which include ThetaHealing, Meditation, Matra, Kitchari preparation Restorative Yoga and more! During this 5-week workshop you will get the framework to transform your health- physically, emotionally and mentally through the life science of Ayurveda! During this transformative experience  you will gain an understanding your unique dosha type, learn self-care practices that cultivate wellness, transform your thoughts, and have a community of support along the way. 

  • Manifest the health you deserve

  • Learn how to make Kitchari

  • Let go of stored negative emotions

  • Discover your true self  ​

  • Create daily self care practice

  • Transform negative thought patterns

  • Gain mental clarity

  • Retore your body, mind and spirit

Top 10 signs that you are in need of a cleanse     

  •  Constipation 

  •  Lethargy

  •  Depression

  •  GI ailments, gas and bloating

  •  Joint pain and inflammation

  • Sleep challenges

  • Restlessness

  • Emotional reactivity

  • Persistent headaches

  • Increased feelings of discontent

How is Purification different then other Ayurvedic cleanses?


  1. It is Personalized: Prior to the workshop you receive a one on one Ayurveda consultation to customize your cleanse experience.

  2. Community: Going through a cleanse/transformation can be challenging, so we’ve created a group experience to support you along the way.

  3. Mentorship: Along with group support we also offer one on one mentoring, to provide more personalized support

  4. Online support: An invite to our private online group for participants and alumni who are or have experienced the same journey as you.

  5.  The Cleanse Workbook & Journal: A key factor in transformational success is to track progress and metrics.  Included in the cleanse is a daily journal so you can keep track of what you are eating and how you are feeling. You will also track your energy levels, your quality of sleep, and your emotional state. It is so empowering to connect the dots between your food, your mood and your energy level and see that you are making the right decisions for your metabolic type.

  6. We understand cleansing does not mean only our physical bodies, but our mental and emotional bodies as well. So we've added tools and support for that as well!

Benefits of cleansing

Our bodies are constantly confronted with toxins from the foods we eat, the emotions and stress we experience and the environment we live in.  These toxins accumulate in various body tissues, subtle energy channels and in the mind creating stagnation, imbalances and dis-ease.


Cleansing assists the body in flushing away toxins as well as balancing our mental and emotional bodies.

Through lifestyle, proper food choices, supportive herbs, self-care rituals and a daily meditation/spiritual practices we can eliminate accumulated toxins, change unhealthy and destructive patterns to support your highest healing potential.


During this cleanse you will learn strategies of food combining, mindfulness, self-care, Breathe work, Kitchardi preparation. Well explore how our body stores emotions and understand how thoughts patterns impact our physical body from dis-ease to injuries.  All of which will aid in your healing journey.  BENEFITS may include increased energy, weight loss, improved sleep, clearer skin, reduced allergies and congestion, a sense of “lightness” mental clarity, improved digestion, increased joy, healthy communication & relationships, along with relieved symptoms of pain, arthritis, autoimmune and mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

This 5-week process is transformative and will change the way you perceive yourself and guide toward making better life choices.

Purification consists of a traditional 21-day Ayurvedic protocol with a 100% personalized approach, including a one on one consultation with Sanja Oropeza (in person or online), herbal supplements, a Cleanse manual, 6 class meetings and Facebook group support.


The workshop starts with a set of diagnostic quiz’s, which allows us to determine your level of ama, your unique constitution and current metabolic state. Followed by a one on one Ayurveda consultation to determine your health goals and personalize your cleanse experience

Your one on one Ayurveda consultation covers

  • Determining your health goals

  • Understanding your Prakruti & Vrikruti (balance and imbalanced states)

  • Determining your level of digestive and metabolic stagnation (ama) 

  • Creating a personalized Wellness Plan

  • Bonus: 30-min Post Cleanse Consultation

Spring Cleanse Schedule


February 16th | early bird special ends - $50 off

February 17th - Feb 28th | Preliminary Ayurvedic Consultations

March 14th | Orientation

March 21st – April 10th | 21-Day Protocol

April 11th | Closing Ceremony & Potluck


April 14th -April 30th | Follow-up Ayurvedic Consultation

Class will meet weekly on Saturday from March 14th to April 11th 11:30am-1:30 pm &  Sunday April 5th (time TBD)

Explore, Awaken & Restore, Mind - Body - Spirit

Contraindications & Cautions -Who should NOT attempt this cleanse

Although an Ayurvedic cleanse helps to create balance mind, body spirit, there are some circumstance where cleansing is not recommended. Do not start a cleanse when you are sick, feeling week, breast-feeding or have a serious medical condition.  Cleansing can release and circulate many toxins at once, so the body and mind must be strong enough to complete this cleanse.  The information presented here is for education use only and is in not intended as a substitute for medical counseling.  Consult your doctor before using any health protocol including herbal supplement and natural remedies.  This is especially important if you have a serious medical condition or are taking any medication

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