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Yoga & Harmonyum Healing

Shakti Naam Yoga

Experience the powerful and dynamic physical and energetic practice that works on all levels of your being to create balance and harmony from the inside out.  Naam Yoga is a modern combination of ancient eastern yogic technologies with western esoteric teachings.  


This unique combination of movement, breathwork, acupressure, and sound/vocal vibration activates the body’s innate self-healing capacity.  Shakti Naam Yoga enhances the body’s capacity to nourish itself by bringing oxygen to the brain, strengthening the heart, clearing the energetic pathways and detoxifying and nourishing the organs.  


Breath is the voice of the soul and controls the mind which controls the body.   We will breathe deeply, chant, move and shift into our highest potential.    

$15 | per class
Call to inquire about private personal and private group classes.
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Harmonym Healing

Harmonyum is a holistic, physical and emotional healing modality.  A gentle hands-on healing system that strengthens and balances the autonomous nervous system to enhance the body’s self-healing capacity.  With only minimal touch (no pressure), it produces sensations of relaxation, calm and well-being.  Harmonyum employs the ancient art of utilizing the energy meridians via the body’s electromagnetic field.   


Harmonyum is recommended for all individuals who wish to optimize their health and increase their capacity to deeply rest.  It brings a deep sense of calm, similar to the meditative state experienced by long-term meditators.  It is also recommended for anyone wishing to start or strengthen a meditation practice.  It is safe to use for any health condition, it has no side effects, no risk of pharmaceutical interactions, is gentle, pain-free and does not require the recipient to disrobe. 


$120 | 55 minutes

Packages also available.

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