Lena Rubin

Spiritual Healer | Transformational Coach 
Certified Akashic Records Practitioner

 I was born and grew up in Eastern Europe, in the area that is still raw, undiscovered and unpolluted by the effects of the Western World. Since I can remember I was fascinated with Nature, Earth, its elements, energy, its mystical powers and how they influence and help us. 

   My grandmother was a healer. She was in-tune with plants, and their healing abilities, deeply connected to the wisdom of Earth. Therefore, despite living during times of The Soviet regime, that prohibited everything of that nature, she was secretly helping those in need by utilizing her unique knowledge. I remember, growing up we rarely went to the doctor, as she was able to fix most of our health issues with her herbs and tinctures. All her life she managed her diabetes and high blood pressure without any medications. She often would take me out to the forest to pick some herbs and always tried to pass along her wisdom before leaving way too soon. She left behind many of her notes and the abundance of memories that I used as foundation for my path of becoming a true healer.

Over the years I was able to build on that foundation by accumulating knowledge and experience of many different modalities. I was fortunate enough to have wonderful teachers and deep profound soul-changing lessons along the way (like becoming a mother, experiencing divorce and then a tragic loss of my soul mate). All of it gave me strength and ability to discover my true self, my purpose in this lifetime. I am grateful for each opportunity to apply my knowledge and pass it along, as all of us have ability to heal ourselves. 



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