Yoga Therapy 

Yoga therapy is an integrative therapeutic approach using the sacred tools of yoga (e.g. physical movements, breathing techniques, meditation, mantra, and more) to promote healing and well-being in the individual. Evidence-based research shows that yoga can help to reduce chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and stress, and increase overall quality of life. 


It is a different kind of therapy that acknowledges the symptoms and looks at the whole person; body, mind, and higher Self. Yoga therapy is a mindful and embodied approach to health and truly meets the individual where they are. Practices selected are based on the unique needs and abilities of the individual.

During the initial yoga therapy session  Maggie will conduct an intake and assessment,  focusing  on the specific symptoms or areas of concern and identify methods to help manage those symptoms. Then, a custom plan of care is co-created using techniques of yoga that can easily incorporate into daily life. 

Your yoga therapy session can help with pain management, fatigue, or sleeplessness. Discover ways to empower you and  to take a more active role in your self-care. A yoga therapy session is less about teaching yogic techniques and more about helping you to overcome challenges and gain independence and the freedom to live the life your deserve. 

Initial session | 90min    Follow ups $110| 60min
Packages are available 
Maggie McCuiston offers Yoga Therapy sessions

Yoga Therapy Session

Yoga nidra is a gentle and meditative practice that is often referred to as "yogic sleep." While supported in a comfortable pose, you will be guided into a deep level of rest where you can process and integrate information in ways that are healing and useful. In early texts, yoga nidra was synonymous with the word samādhi (complete oneness) and you may easily find yourself connected and refreshed after each session. Research indicates yoga nidra and meditation can reset neural pathways which ultimately may help to reduce negative thought patterns and increase quality of life. Yoga nidra is offered in workshop formats and as private sessions.

Packages are available 
Maggie McCuiston offers Yoga Nidra sessions

Yoga Nidra

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