Ayurveda for FALL


Vata Season is here! Vata comprised of Air & Either is responsible for all movement in our minds and in our bodies. Like air, the qualities of Vata are rough, dry and cold  and show up as feeling of being “space”, dry skin, constipation, or anxiety. 

The following what is a, effective way to clean up your act during winter?


Maintain routine

Unrealistic goals or health fads that take you out of your regular routine only perpetuate imbalance. One of the best things you can do for your health is go to bed early, rise early and eat meals at regular times. It is so simple, and it works!


Self massage to loosen up toxins

In Ayurveda's process of detoxification known as Panchakarma, medicated herbal oil massage is used to loosen up toxins in the body and move them to the GI tract for elimination. The benefits of oil massage can be created right at home with daily self-massage.


Clean up your cupboard, medicine cabinet, linen closet and wardrobe

In addition to limiting processed or unnatural foods, try clearing out other items which may be contributing to the toxic load of your body. This includes anything you put on your body, including beauty products, personal hygiene products, towels, sheets and clothing. Every item you replace with a more natural ingredient or material can help you restore more internal balance.


Lighten your diet

Especially towards the end of the winter season when rain and snow increase Kapha elements, we can reduce heavy dishes or food items and opt for increasingly lighter versions. Spices such as ginger, cumin, cardamom and black pepper will improve digestion and support detoxification.


Make time for nourishing, restoration and replenishing

The final phase of an Ayurvedic detoxification always involves rejuvenation of the system. Without your strength, your body is incapable of completing its natural, innate cleansing processes effectively. Make time for relaxation, deep breathing and "you" time - it's essential!

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