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Experience an Ayurvedic Restorative Retreat In the Heart of Downtown Long Beach

EMAIL: kevalawellness@gmail.com  CONNECT: (562) 317-0060 VISIT: 115 Pine Ave. Suite 330 Long Beach CA. 90802

Ayurveda is a comprehensive medicinal and spiritual system that merges the mind, body and spirit.  Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of creating and maintaining positive health. First, we aim to prevent the imbalances that lead to dis-ease. Then, we seek to remove the root cause of dis-ease. The goal is to bring balance to the doshas and create health in mind, body, spirit and senses. 

Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation

Ready to embody a conscious, heart based lifestyle? Your Ayurvedic consultation offers you an array of simple and accessible tools to bring balance to your life, as well as an clear understanding of foods, lifestyle and habits which are keeping you from achieving the health you deserve.

Sanja Oropeza  started her own Ayurvedic healing journey for over 9 years and has had the opportunity to guide individuals and groups through cleansing & detoxing, healing crises, reduce stress as well as offering simple ways to step into a greater sense of well-being.

In order to bring harmony and health to our bodies, we must first realize three things. 1. That each of us is uniquely comprised of the trinity of body, mind and spirit.  2. That we all connected to nature, and 3. the power to heal ourselves, and bringing our lives into balance, comes from within.

During your initial consultation we will discuss your health concerns and recommendations for improving health through Ayurveda with, Vihara (lifestyle), Ahara (dietary) changes, dinacharya (daily routine), Ayurvedic therapies, meditation and yoga. May also include herbal recommendations.

After you have spent 3-4 weeks embracing your new Ayurvedic lifestyle,  your following up consultation will allow us to dive deeper into your health concerns, imbalances and how these are effecting mind, body and spirit.  We will make any necessary adjustments to your Vihara, Ahara and dinacharya and include recommendation for your herbal supplements, bodywork and Cleansing or PK. 


Health is a journey; Ayurveda's holistic and gentle approach to health and vitality that is continuous and not to be considered a luxury. Taking this journey toward health through Ayurveda is the first step in nurturing the health of your body, mind, spirit and senses.



Initial Consultation + Customized Wellness Plan + Follow up visit 

2.5 hrs | $175


Follow Up Visits 

3|60-min $285

3|30-min $175

The cost of herbs and dietary supplements are not included in the price of the consultation.

115 Pine Avenue, Suite 330 Long Beach, CA 90802

kevalawellness@gmail.com / (562) 317-0060

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