Ayurveda is the soulful practice of self awareness, self reflection and self care.


What is your Prakriti (natural state of being) - who are YOU in relation to the elements and the world around you?


What are your health concerns or imbalances 


 Healing rituals to promote health, life balance and joy

Dating back 5000 years in India, Ayurveda is a comprehensive medical and spiritual science that merges mind, body, spirit and senses.  It translates to “the knowledge/science of life” or “the wisdom of longevity” Ayurveda views Swatha or health as not only the absence of disease, but also balance of our functional energies or doshas, balanced metabolic fires, and excretions , mind-body harmony and alignment between oneself and nature. When you have this balance you will experience vitality, radiance, and strong  ojas or immune strength. 


From this perspective Ayurveda is based on the idea that you and me and everything in the universe consists of the five Panchamahabutas or the five elements and when we are in alignment with these elements there is harmony. In order to manifest this harmony and health within our bodies, we must first realize three things. 

1. That each of us is uniquely composed of the trinity of body, mind and spirit.  

2. That we all connected to nature. 

3. The power to heal ourselves, comes from within.


Disease is the deviation of a healthy state of being, recognizing that these subtle energies or doshas that make us unique can help us to rediscover our natural healthy state.             


Ayurveda is about conscious living, and takes a holistic approach to individual health, with the understanding that all aspects of life can either create health or dis-ease, including nutrition, lifestyle, seasons, work, family, tendencies and more. When we take the time to understand our true nature or mind/body type, we can find daily practices, rituals, foods and lifestyle, that can contribute to our health rather than dis-ease.   


When we ignore the subtle and early signs of imbalances or if imbalances are not addressed, disease can develop.  Thus, the early signs of imbalance serve as a wakeup call to make gentle and natural shifts like adjusting our diet, modifying daily activities and taking herbal remedies.  


Together we will explore and identify patterns in your mind and body, I will offer you tools to  awaken your body's natural ability to purify itself, know which foods, self-care practices and general lifestyle would best support you and help you feel your best. 


Ready to embody conscious based living? Ayurveda is for you! 

Book a complimentary 15-minute call today and learn how an Ayurveda can work for you. 

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