Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique (named after founder Frederick Mathias Alexander) teaches how to undo unnecessary muscular and mental tension.  It is a learning process that enables you to have more ease and freedom in everything you do.  

The Alexander Technique is frequently studied by people who experience chronic pain, repetitive strain, breathing problems, poor posture, anxiety, or depression. It is prevalent in the performing arts because of its positive impact on coordination, repetitive strain injuries, and stage fright.


Sarah Silva offers lessons in the Alexander Technique at Kevala Wellness.

Private Lessons

The Alexander Technique is most frequently and effectively taught in individual, private lessons, as it is learned through hands-on experience. This also allows Sarah to tailor the lesson to meet the specific needs and interests of the student. Private lessons involve table work, which facilitates the release of excess tension, and activity work, which helps you find freedom from unwanted postural habits. The process of undoing these habitual tensions allows for the return of your natural coordination and flexibility. 

Students are encouraged to bring in activities from their daily lives (walking, sitting, working on a computer) or specialized activities (yoga, singing, playing a musical instrument, acting, sports, etc).

Small Groups

Small groups are a more economical way to study the Alexander Technique. They are especially helpful for visual learners, as working in a group setting provides ample opportunity to observe/hone your observational skills.

Small Groups will explore table work and activity work together; the interest and experience level of the students determine the course of study.


Small groups are available depending on interest.  You may either coordinate your own small group of 2 - 3 people or simply express your interest to receive more information about availability.

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