Reiki (Ray-Kee) is an ancient healing art form that involves the simple laying on of hands. It works to balance the whole person: body, mind, emotions and spirit. There are many benefits of receiving a Reiki treatment, including, but not limited to, deep relaxation, decreased anxiety, release of emotional blockages/suppressed feelings, peace of mind, increased energy, balanced and feelings of security and well being. Reiki balances the body's energy centers allowing the body's innate ability to heal itself to emerge. 




Janell Shun

Reiki Master Teacher 


Janell is a Reiki Master Teacher, at Matership level of 3B (master teacher) is able to

attune students to the Mastership Level of 3A.

She has direct Reiki lineage to Dr. Mikao Usui,

who is considered the founder of modern day

Reiki. Janell is the 10th master generation under

Dr. Mikao Usui. 


"Reiki shows the way." Just as it led Janell to

her Master, who is based in Singapore, she is

excited to share her teachings and healings

with others worldwide through distance healing

as well as retreats and events. 

Learning Reiki, the Usui Shiki Ryoko Method of Natural Healing, allows one to be able to heal oneself and others. In addition, attunements in

each Level work on the chakras and can greatly

aid in someone's personal spiritual growth. 

“Reiki shows the way.” Just as it led Janell to her Master, who is based in Singapore, she is excited to share her teachings and healings with others worldwide through Distance Healing as well as retreats and events.

Reiki Treatment

A Reiki treatment is a deeply healing, restorative and relaxing experience.

You remain fully clothed, covered with a blanket (or light sheet if you prefer). Lying on your back, the Practitioner will place their hands a few inches above your body (i.e., top of your head, forehead, neck, shoulders, chest, tummy, arms, legs, etc). You may feel tingling or sleepiness as energy blocks are removed and energy flow improves. Calming music is played throughout the treatment. Most clients experience a sense of calm, similar to deep meditation, and many fall asleep.

$120 | 60-min
Reiki Treatment

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